Who Is Ogunsakin Oluwadamilare (Daretechy) And His Online Services?

I know one of the reason you probably came on this page is to know more about me and my services.

Well, let me not waste much of your time.

My name is Ogunsakin Oluwadamilare and the owner of daretechy.com.ng which currently boasts of more than 7,000 unique and returning visitors monthly from all around the world.

SEO and good content writing skills helped me achieve that.

I have a certificate in Digital Marketing through a company called Haptics from a Google sponsored program.

I have a basic knowledge of HTML too

Some people are already wondering how come I used a .com.ng extension?

Well, I'm commercial but by work from home office is in Nigeria.

The brand is Ogunsakin Oluwadamilare but the name is  Daretechy. While, a lot of people choose to call me Daretech, Damilare, Dare blogger or anything pleasant. I'm OK with that too.

ogunsakin oluwadamilare blogger

ogunsakin oluwadamilare blog

ogunsakin Damilare Dare
That's me the brain behind this blog I offer lot of services as well.

How Did I Come Into The Blogging World

When, I was very young at age 15 I discovered I love anything associated with the internet. Though, Dad didn't love the way I spent most of my time pressing phone because that was what I could afford then.

But you know, passion can't be killed.?

NOTE: I am not a website designer or I would have being on a self hosted platform. But I'm very much comfortable on here.

What Services Does Ogunsakin Oluwadamilare Offer

Apart from being just a blogger there is more to it. Yes, I blog but I am also a Digital Marketer, Content Writer, Content Marketer and also a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert.

Do not waste your time procrastinating when you can become rich and make money online in 2018.

Believe me there is no joy in doing illegal business or how to be a Yahoo Boy and become rich.

Contact me and I would respond to you right away:
  • If you want a Content Writer
  • If you want a Content Marketer
  • If you need an affordable search engine optimization for your blog/website.

  • My Services

    1. I can help you manage all your Social Media accounts (NGN100,000 monthly)

    2. I can help you create a blogger blog with Custom domain and Premium Theme (NGN30,000)

    3. I will help you write a 500+ word article/content for your blog and it will rank on First page of Google search (NGN5,000)

    4. I will get you a verified Google AdSense account of either UK, USA or Nigeria (NGN50,000)

    5. I will register a custom domain name for your blog or website (Custom Price)

    6. I will publish your sponsored post on daretechy.com.ng (Custom Price)

    7.  I will put you your banner ads on daretechy.com.ng (Custom Price)

    8. I will create a working PayPal that can send and receive money through FnF & GnS without VPN if you are in Nigeria (NGN5,000)

    9. I will help you with affordable search engine optimization for your blog/website and get your services to the First page of Google (NGN100,000)

    10. I will buy your gift cards amazon, iTunes gift card etc and give you cash into your Nigerian bank account (Custom Price)

    11. I will help you promote your music on my blog (Custom Price)

    12. I will give you a DoFollow link from my blog or you replace broken links on my blog with a DoFollow link from your blog(Custom Price)

    Ask me for more...

    Need To Contact Ogunsakin Oluwadamilare

    If you need to contact me for any of my services as my services are work from home one. You can do so by:

    Call/Text/WhatsApp: +2349064176042

    E-mail: itzogunsakin [at] gmail [dot] com

    I also offer those services for people that are not in Nigeria at the current NGN/Dollar rate.

    My payment methods are either directly to my Nigerian bank account, PayPal or Bitcoin Wallet.