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There are times when you will need to redeem your iTunes gift card, and the best way to do this could be to do an iTunes gift card delivery by email also known as iTunes email delivery or email iTunes card.

    It doesn’t matter if you are using the gift card for an app store or the iTunes store, it will work out very well for you, I know you must have Googled how to add digital iTune code to my account.

    Let’s consider how this works with all iTunes card even iTunes gift card Walmart.

    How to Convert iTunes Gift Card Delivered by Email to Naira in Nigeria

    I have faced this situation twice now, and whenever I was in the situation I was out of money, when I tried this the second time,  I ordered the card,  and to my surprise it worked!

    It can be hard doing this especially when you are disabled to get a card to a store to buy a gift card, and you have to buy iTunes card online with a debit card.

    So here’s an easier way to do this, with Apple, iTunes store , iTunes gift card email delivery Amazon.

    After ordering the card I got an email and I clicked on the link which brought up the itunes website, I was asked what I want to do with the balance, I quickly selected to apply to iTunes balance, but the balance didn’t update as if no funds were added.

    I felt it could be a wrong code I typed so I manually entered the iTunes gift card code and I got the “code has been redeemed error”.... For my $10 iTunes gift card and it was even a us iTunes gift card.

    Out of fear that I have lost money,  I contacted the support system for help,  and that was how I was able to solve this problem.

    I just had to LOGOUT AND RELOGIN TO ITUNES,  and boom! My balance was updated.!!!!

    This also applies to Canadian iTunes gift card to Naira.

    The funds had been applied to my account, that’s how I was able to run this iTunes gift card delivery by email.

    We offer amazing rates more than other exchange services. Check us on Instagram by clicking @daretechyexchange to see our past trades and people talking about us.

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