$2000 daily, become Paxful iTunes Vendor + Alternative ways to Sell Bitcoin

So I'll be writing about all what it takes to become a Paxful vendor today. But first you can quickly Sign up to Paxful here.

Paxful Vendor

All About Paxful

Paxful is just another web platform that allows traders to transact and communicate with each other through their internal messaging system in order to buy and sell Bitcoin.

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Paxful api platform is such that the marketplace accommodates trading of Bitcoin and settlement of dispute.

Paxful is in no way associated to Pax trading as that website is known for scams and behaving like Paxful and creating scam offers that instantly leads to getting scammed.

We are very real. You can check our trade history on Instagram @daretechyexchange. WhatsApp banned our old phone number +2349064176042 now our new phone number is +2349033342202

Before we continue you need to know about what you need to become a vendor on Paxful. Let's go!

Become a Paxful Vendor (How to use Paxful):

If you've ever been bothered and asking yourself questions like;

  • how can I trade on Paxful without getting scammed
  • how to make money every day on Paxful
  • how to sell Bitcoin on paxful in Nigeria, China, United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia etc
  • Get Dollars, Euro, RMB, Naira, Great Britain pounds ($, €, ¥, £) etc and make up to $2000 daily

  • Then this blog post will show you how. 

    Paxful Verified Vendor Bond (The First Step to becoming a Vendor for Paxful)

    Before you even think about this step first quickly register or login to Paxful and that said, In order for you to create an offer you must have 0.1 BTC bond for gift cards offer. Gift cards like;

  • iTunes card
  • Steam Wallet gift card
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Google Play gift card
  • Footlocker, Walmart, Offgamers. com, OneVanilla etc

  • This is to prevent scammers from becoming vendors. However you can choose to withdraw your bond if you're not interested in creating offers anymore. More about that before the end of this topic.

    How to create offer on Paxful: iTunes Gift Card Vendor, Amazon, Google Play, Steam etc

    Step #1: To create an offer, log or get registered here right now and click on the "BUY BITCOIN" button. Then, click on "CREATE AN OFFER".

    steps to become a Paxful vendor
    Image source via Paxful
    Step #2: On Paxful, you can buy and sell bitcoins using iTunes gift cards or any gift card of your choice. But for the benefit of this tutorial, I will be showing you how to sell bitcoins using iTunes gift cards. If ever you want to buy bitcoins using iTunes gift cards, click on the button that says "Create an offer to buy bitcoins for something else" and it will give you the option to create an offer to buy bitcoins using iTunes gift cards.

    step to become a Paxful vendor
    Image source via Paxful
    Step #3: Choose and find the iTunes gift card option on the search option.

    Paxful vendor step 3
    Image source via Paxful
    Step #4: Choose the currency you would like to trade in. Either USD, CAD, EUR, AUD etc

    Paxful vendor step 4
    Image source via Paxful

    Before proceeding to the next step, You should see something like this:

    Paxful vendor step 5
    Image source via Paxful
    Now, once confirmed, you may click the "Next step" button.

    Step #5:Enter the mark-up and the trade limit that you desire. Take note that on each trade, you have to set a good markup price because buyers/sellers will not want to buy overpriced products.
    Paxful vendor step 6
    Image source via Paxful
    Step #6: Input your time frame window. This is the time frame you will give to your potential trade partner. If he/she does not click the "Mark as paid" button in time, the trade will be canceled.

    Paxful vendor step 7
    Image source via Paxful
    Review the details on the page. It should look like this:

    Paxful vendor step 8
    Image source via Paxful
    Step #7: Create an offer that will stand out by creating tags. Place tags that will identify the offer that suits you and you are comfortable with. Here are a few sample tags if you’re new:

    Image source via Paxful
    Next, add your offer label (this is the title of your offer). Then, add your trade terms and instructions. These terms and instructions will dictate how you want the trade to be done so make them as detailed as possible. Remember that Paxful do not encourage haggling in the trade chat as it is in direct violation of our ToS.

    At the bottom part of the page, you will be able to see additional settings like that will enable you choose how the trades will appear to other vendors like: Target country, Verification, Visibility, Minimum trades required, Limitation by countries, Proxy/VPN limitations.

    Of course, these settings are optional. After inputting all the required information, all you need to do is wait for someone to bite and you’ll be ready for trading...

    The above steps are applicable for trading like the:

  • Amazon cards
  • Steam wallet gift card
  • iTunes gift cards
  • Google play cards
  • Bank transfers
  • Online payments
  • Cash deposits
  • Debit/Credit cards (Visa/MasterCards/Amex)
  • Digital currency/currencies

  • How to Redeem iTunes Gift Card on Paxful

    You're probably thinking, no, no, no, I don't want to become a verified vendor on Paxful! I just want to know how to trade on Paxful and how to redeem iTunes card on Paxful then, the full guide is here.

    We're done. What remains is that you secure your Bitcoin wallet as you become a Paxful vendor and add 2FA to keep your Bitcoin wallet safe.

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