Patricia Cards Review - Why it is Unsafe to Trade your Gift Cards on

So you're are thinking of selling your gift cards on Patricia either for cash or Bitcoin? Here I present to you what I call the Patricia review or the review. We wrote about AfrBTC and Cardnosh trading services too.

Patricia gift card review

You can access thier website on, They are also popularly known as Patricia cards xyz. Although, Patricia gift card site change domain names regularly, they’re one of the best exchangers out there.

If you are looking to sell your cards like the iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Steam wallet gift cards and Google Play gift cards then Patricial might be the best bus stop. But there are limitations to it and I'll tell you such limitations...

Patricia Cards Review: Is Legit or Scam

Well, you may be wondering;

  • Is Patricia gift card site real?
  • Am I safe to trade on Patricia?
  • Or is Patricia fake?
  • Is Patricia iTunes card rate high?

  • Don't rush, I will answer your questions. At Pactricia, you can;

  • Sell iTunes gift card for naira
  • Sell Amazon gift card for naira
  • Sell Steam wallet card for naira
  • Sell Google Play cards for naira
  • Nordstrom, Sephora, Walmart etc

  • Also, Patricia sell gift card. Forget about it, there is a wide market to selling iTunes card, Amazon cards, Steam cards etc than you think. So I can say they are legit but as I said there are limitations...

    Although you can access them with:

  • Patricia gift card WhatsApp number
  • Patricia gift card sign up
  • Patricia gift card login
  • patriciaxyz website
  • Patricia gift card trade rates page
  • Patricia gift card mobile app
  • Patricia gift card contact

  • But no, no, no!

    Why it might be risky to trade on Patricia Card Login

    From Visa gift cards, Egift, Bitcoin to Cards with no receipt, cash receipt or debit receipt. It might be risky to trade or use Patricia, redeem gift card because:

    1. Thier customer support isn't active 24/7 unlike me, you can even get to know me through Video calls or Voice call

    2. For every $100 gift card on Patricia, you might get N20,000. But on my trading platform my price is N24,000.

    Daretechy Exchange will give Patricia gift card rates a run for thier money anyday, anytime.

    Why not give us a trial today?

    How to Contact us to trade Gift Cards at Higher Prices

    Here are our trade rules:

    daretechy exchange

    1. Kindly save our Phone number to get rate updates and daily payment proofs VERY IMPORTANT.

    2. Be patient after sending us a message, we will reply as soon as possible.

    3. Payment is within 2 minutes after Gift cards or Bitcoin confirmation.

    4. No point asking if we are real. You can check our trade history on Instagram @daretechyexchange as I have over 100+ clients and a 4000+ reputation. I CAN'T SCAM YOU AFTER YOU'VE KNOWN MY FULL NAME, ADDRESS & BIO.

    5. Do not upload card or send Bitcoin if I don't ask you to.

    6. After payment, I'll send you payment receipt (screenshot).

    7. After trading with us, please refer your friends.

    WhatsApp/Text☎:  +2349033342202 or Message us directly here


    We are very real. You can check our trade history on Instagram @daretechyexchange. WhatsApp banned our old phone number +2349064176042 now our new phone number is +2349033342202

    Now this is a very good Patricia review I wrote. Give us a try at Daretechy Exchange today. You won't regret it, let's do boy for each other and support ourselves 😊.

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