AfrBTC is SCAM, Trade Gift Cards here Instead

AfrBTC is SCAM, Trade Gift Cards here Instead

AfrBTC is a website for trading gift cards in Nigeria. Their official website is and the big question is that is AfrBTC legit? I also wrote about Cardtonic platform and Lordtech review.

Although AfrBTC claims that, you can:

Worthy of mention is also the Nordstrom, Apple Store gift cards, PlayStation Network gift cards, OneVanilla VISA/MasterCard gift cards and prepaid reloadable debit cards, Uber Gift cards, Gift cards and Sephora Gift cards.

They are just like Pax trading. When I am writing about them then I think I am writing about Mit technology review as that is the AfrBTC home.


Although AfrBTC exchange site claims that if you want to trade with them you need either an invitation code or email address to create and trade with them on their platform but they do trading scams of Bitcoin and gift card all about via WhatsApp with the website

You will get a full review whether AfrBtc is scam or legit. When selling gift cards you have to be wary of the website you use as DARE TECHY Exchange is one of the best platforms you can ever use to sell gift card and a bigger Paxful alternative.

Now the real question, is AfrBTC home legit or scam? The AfrBTC app promises that of course.

Don’t even bother to use their invitation code because I’ve read a lot of negative reviews about them online.

No doubt you can redeem any type of gift cards or convert any gift cards to Nigerian Naira caring less about if the website you are using is legit or scam.

Don’t ask if AfrBTC is safe, Yes, Is AfrBTC safe? or is AfrBTC legit? NO.

In addition, if you are a Nigerian you can also;

  • Buy iTunes card, Amazon cards, Steam cards etc from the method I want to teach you.

Now the real question: Is AfrBTC real or scam?, AfrBTC is not real! Review: Is AfrBTC Legit, Real or Scam, Fake?

When I didn’t know anything about trading cards or Bitcoin, I have been scammed so many times when I found AfrBTC they looked so real at first until they blocked me after sending them a $400 gift card.

This motivated me to learn the art of trading gift cards so that the real gees won’t get scammed too.

I was able to learn how to change gift cards to cash. Isn’t that cool?.

As you can see AfrBTC is very fake but you can always choose to trade with them if you like getting scammed.

How can I Sell my GIFTCARDS since AfrBTC is Fake then? (Solved)

Truly, they are scammers but there is one advise I am going to give you and that is you should TRADE WITH US. We pay instantly without delay.

Another added advantage is that. Let’s take for Instance;

Our rate for a $100 Gift card is averagely = ₦27,000

Rate changes usually occur, so don’t be surprised

We reply you instantly at best rate.

We also buy Bitcoin at high rates.

Why should you believe us?

AfrBTC is scam. Why not give your gift cards to me that needs plenty gift cards everyday.

I looked in my archives and I found that people that are in need of how to sell gift cards instantly usually get paid in less than 5 minutes when trading with me.

I teach people once in a while how to redeem gift cards themselves instead of going to the AfrBTC home. You might be lucky too. But you must trade at least five times with me before teaching you.

Now you know the answer to your quest on is AfrBTC legit or not. You are welcome to trade with us.

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