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Disclaimer: I am not in any way endorsing Yahoo Yahoo scam dating format for Amazon and iTunes gift card. In fact, I condemn scammers and this post is for educational purposes. If you're caught doing scams, it is punishable by law and I can say you really deserve to be jailed for life. See how to make money from the ITunes affiliate program instead.

yahoo gift card scammers

Well, I'll explain to you how the scams format works and how you can collect iTunes card and money from your client within 2 hours.

    For as many people wanting to choose it as a career, you don't need to join any club or do Yahoo plus money rituals, juju or oshole or you need is the orientation (OT). Although, a lot of people have been requesting to find a link to download the iTunes card format, well, I'm not promising you that.

    Format to bill a client is quite different from doing ritual or medicine from herbalist and it won't take you anywhere but rather destroy your life at the very end. That is where I want to give a hassle free format on how to collect iTunes card from client.

    Another bonus you will see on this page is the common gift card formats and format to collect credit card from client.

    First, check out how to redeem and sell you gift cards yourself in Nigeria.

    All you need to know about ITunes Card Scam Format as a Yahoo Boy (Sephora, Google Play Card, Apple Store Cards, Amazon, Steam Wallet etc)

    The Yahoo love scam format and the idea of Google Play gift card, Amazon gift cards, Sephora, Apple Store card, Steam card and ITunes card billing format has been in existence ever since the start of online romance scams in Nigeria.

    Popularly known as a Gee boy, local scammers are in search of the latest scam format since the whites (clients) are now becoming wiser to even give out their credit card details to scammers they meet on Facebook or via text message and the old means of sending money which is wired transfer either by online payment or offline is easily traced flagged as scam and such people arrested by EFCC.

    Thereby, giving birth to the iTunes billing format which is one of the most convenient ways for a scammer to perpetrate his/her crime WITHOUT being traced.

    You now see the reason why Amazon gift card format or anyone at all is really needed?

    Billing format for Amazon card also is always used because you cannot trace a person that used your card.

    Let's continue.

    Why use Gift Cards for Yahoo Love Scam Dating Format?

    Yeah, I told you already that iTunes gift card scam is one of the easiest methods to get paid without the fear of being traced even by the Apple support or the Walmart store where the card is purchased.

    Easy easy, FBI even can't come for you if you successfully run your identity theft fraud popularly known as the impersonation scam or even the Advance fee fraud.

    How to Collect ITunes Gift Cards from Clients As Yahoo Boys do

    Fraud is a game of the mind and as such I'll leave you with one advice and that advise is to study what your online lover likes and that's what you'll use to bill him/her. This idea works for;
    • Google Play card scam
    • Amazon gift card scams
    • Scamming with Steam wallet cards or electronic code (e codes)
    • Sephora gift cards
    • Apple Store cards
    • VISA gift cards e.g OneVanilla
    • Hotels.com
    • Uber
    • AMEX
    • EBay
    • Vanilla

    All can be either Physical cards with cash receipt or with Debit card/Credit card receipt or without receipt at all.

    This topic also helps in;
    • Steam wallet gift card scams
    • Amazon gift card billing format
    • How to bill a client for Amazon card

    After collecting those cards it is better you don't get scammed too. Learn about Paxful scams here.

    I could have kiss you goodbye in your search but I want to teach you how to make money by BUYING AND SELLING ALL TYPES OF GIFT CARDS IN NIGERIA YOURSELF

    There are many yahoo boy format which includes the engineering yahoo format, grant PDF, military dating billing PDF, contractor scamming format, and to collect credit card information from client.

    Even many yahoo guys always search for how to download yahoo boy app so that they can play people emotional (BE WARY OF PEOPLE ONLINE WHO PROMISES THINGS THAT ARE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE).

    Reason Why You Shouldn't Scam or Become a Yahoo Boy

    Business email compromise scam attempts from Nigerian fraudsters results in an average of 200,000 attacks per month for the last few years and that is something bad.

    However, if you do the crime you should also be ready to do the time because it would not be long before you are being apprehended by the law enforcement agency. Internet fraud is a very bad thing and scammers will eventually get caught even if you use wire transfer, western union, or any other method of payments.

    It won't be long before the victim find you.

    This will lead me to tell you how to;

    May be I should just wish you Good luck now in your search for any type of gift card scam format through email, Twitter, Instagram etc.

    Have I helped you? Why not drop valuable comments.

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    We offer amazing rates more than other exchange services. Check us on Instagram by clicking @daretechyexchange to see our past trades and people talking about us.

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