Paxful Scams Review 2019: Secret to Prevent it

Paxful is a safe place to keep, buy and sell Bitcoin? Oh no, that is the question you asked yourself before landing on this page?

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Well, I will tell you all I know about Paxful website wallet review right from 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, also you will realize how to prevent(avoid) scams on your Paxful account from miles away.

paxful review

There is indeed a lot going on about the Paxful bitcoin, Western Union, money gram (moneygram), cash and PayPal in the scams report. But I will just tell you the ultimate truth, yes, the ultimate truth.

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Paxful is a very good app and you are being frauded probably because you aren't doing something right.

I have been to Nairaland, quora, reddit, many big forums and blogs in search for a scam page or not on Paxful or how legit they can be.

We are very real. You can check our trade history on Instagram @daretechyexchange. WhatsApp banned our old phone number +2349064176042 now our new phone number is +2349033342202

Don't buy Paxful accounts, instead I will teach you how to use it and become your trade moderators best friend in this scam review because using it wrongly might cause;
  • paxful account suspended
  • scammers to learn how to hack your account.

  • I won't teach you how to cancel a trade, Instead I will teach you how to win a dispute on paxful(If you truly pay to buy/sell Bitcoin).

    Don't be deceived if you are from Nigeria too. is not their official website, don't get scammed!.

    Whether you like it or not, Paxful scam review is a common phrase if you want to find out about where to buy and sell bitcoins or for crypto exchanges around the world on Google, Facebook and YouTube.

    This simple tutorial is for everyone as I will be teaching you from USA, Canada, Ghana, West Africa etc about the Paxful inc bitcoin exchange review even if you are in India.

    If you are looking to trade and invest in cryptocurrency, then you really need to read about Paxful Scam because its one of the best exchange marketplace we have out there.

    Now, let's get started.

    How to Prevent Paxful Scams in 2019: Avoiding Paxful Scam Review

    I have to pause here for a while...

    WARNING: Please if you won't follow these steps, quickly do with the back button and continue getting scammed.

    Now, if you are not the lazy type and you don't want to lose your money, let's continue;

    #1 STEP

    If you don't have an account on Paxful, then Sign up/Register first. Creating is easy and self explanatory.

    If you have an account already move on to the next step.

    #2 STEP

    Now, you have an account but there is ONE DIRTY LITTLE SECRET AGAIN? Do you know people with a lot of reviews on Paxful don't get scammed? 

    Here is my account.

    pax positive reputation

    I have done over 4015 trades and have +3656 positive reputations which keeps increasing every day.

    Using what I am going to tell you now will prevent you from any possible scams. So, I have to be truthful every bit, you have to use my affiliate link by clicking here to trade. No need to be afraid, you don't have to create a new account to do this, an old account will do.

    Remember I am teaching you a step-by-step tutorial.

    #3 STEP

    Remember you don't have to create a new account but by clicking the link, you goto a new Paxful trade page. For every trade you carry out with my affiliate link you won't be scammed because of my positive reputation is already working for you, FOR FREE, yes, FOR FREE!. This is how the trade page you are taken to from my affiliate link looks like;

    trade page paxful

    #4 STEP

    How do you buy Bitcoin? Enter the desired amount you are willing to spend like I did in Step 3 and click on Continue.

    #5 STEP

    Then, enter your preferred payment method, there are varieties like
  • Gift Cards
  • Cash Deposit
  • Online Transfer
  • Bank Transfers and
  • Digital Currency

  • In my case, I will be using Steam wallet gift card after clicking on Gift Cards 
    An offer page pops up (The best offer available)

    Read the offer terms and make sure you understand, then you can proceed by ticking the box 'Check if you agree with offer terms' and then Continue.

    #7 STEP

    Follow traders instruction and upload card only when he asks you too. You can see that from the picture below, you can upload your image using the Camera like icon.

    Immediately after uploading your gift card image, goto the lower left hand side of the screen and click on Info > Paid.

    paxful chat

    #8 STEP

    You are almost done here. A screen pops up showing you received an amount of Bitcoin. Like this;

    paxful bitcoin

    You will be paid in Bitcoins for every cards that you sell on Pax.

    I actually used a past trade screenshot for this one. Now you are good to go if you are planning to avoid Paxful scam(s). Here is how to convert Bitcoin to cash if you are in Nigeria.

    Please bookmark or save this page URL address somewhere for you own good so that you can always use the link in STEP 2 to prevent scammers scamming and for you be able to always buy Bitcoin with gift cards on Paxful. You can actually copy the link somewhere too or either ways.

    Once again this is like and Paxful review and the solution to Paxful scam(s) in 2019.

    Oh, I heard someone saying I am not satisfied with your answer. Then try out CoinCola: The biggest Paxful alternative in Nigeria.

    Giving it a second thought? Common, 

    paxful trade

    Before it expires.

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