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CoinCola is another Bitcoin trading exchange platform you wished you have know for long. Coincola.com is a marketplace exchange for Nigerians and all countries around the world.


CoinCola is an over-the-counter (OTC) platform and a top Paxful alternative in Nigeria as well as Localbitcoins alternative. You can do cryptocurrency trading like BTC, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and other digital currency in your local area with the Company.

    I can as well call this some kind of CoinCola review 2020. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

    Where is CoinCola Company Located?

    CoinCola Limited is an Hong-Kong based firm and has it Physical office there. I bet you they are very legit.

    Need to contact Coincola? [email protected] email.

    CoinCola.com Review: Is CoinCola Legit or Scam?

    Actually, I have tried out CoinCola and I discovered, they are not scam.

    You are asking why did I think so, uhn?

    Well, you have to be certified to buy bitcoin and trading services on Coincola (ID, Drivers License, International passport etc) with Selfies and you physical holding your ID card. You see it is no place for scammers.

    Is CoinCola scam? No.

    Is CoinCola Legit? Yes,100%.

    Apart from being a cryptocurrency marketplace to trade blockchain digital currency it also provides a place for marketplace exchange either with iTunes gift card in Nigeria, buying Bitcoin with Amazon gift card in Nigeria, Steam wallet gift card or any type of gift card and converting to Naira or any crypto.

    If you want to trade BTC or just want to know how to buy Bitcoin with CoinCola in Nigeria and the steps involved in buying Bitcoin with Amazon gift card in Nigeria then you guess about finding an answer on the page of this blog is just right.

    Don't worry, Coincola's technology makes it secure and easy to purchase any type of cryptocurrency online using your Android Smartphone or IPhone or thier website.

    Using this link to Download Coincola from PlayStore for Android and CoinCola from App Store for iPhone.

    How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria with CoinCola

    If you want to buy Bitcoin then you can do so with, how to redeem;
    • ITunes gift card
    • Amazon gift card
    • Steam wallet gift card
    • Google play gift card
    • Pay with Local Bank transfers (from any country around the world and currencies)
    • Any payment method

    I don't want you to be delayed. Kindly check out how to buy Bitcoin with CoinCola in Nigeria step by step;

    STEP 1

    Register on CoinCola now.

    coincola register

    STEP 2

    You can choose to either Sign up with your Phone number or Email. After filling your details the tick the 'I agree with terms of Service' Button and Proceed to Sign Up.

    coincola sign up log in

    STEP 3

    Set up you profile preferences and verify your account (Very important for your account to be certified) because the website has Zero scam tolerance

    STEP 4

    Buy Bitcoin instantly here.

    STEP 5

    Choose a trade partner that accepts your mode of payment. Immediately you are moved into internal messaging system of the website and your Bitcoin is fully held in escrow.

    Make sure to click the "I've paid" button once you make payments.

    Immediately you receive Bitcoin in your CoinCola btc wallet.

    CoinCola Fees and Rates

    To join CoinCola is free of charge, with in-bitcoin wallet (you know what I meant)😁

    • Purchasing Bitcoins is free of charge; you won't be charged any escrow fee.
    • If you want to transfer your Bitcoin to another Bitcoin wallet, then you will be required to pay the regular Bitcoin network charges to receive it into your individual Bitcoins wallet (all wallet does that).

    You can then proceed to see how to sell your Bitcoin in Nigeria or sell Paxful Bitcoin in Nigeria here and yes this is the best Paxful alternative in 2020.

    We offer amazing rates more than other exchange services. Check us on Instagram by clicking @daretechyexchange to see our past trades and people talking about us.

    Reasons Why You Should Trade With Us:

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    4. You can request for payment proofs from our agent on Whatsapp or check our Instagram page for some testimonies.
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