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AdSense approval is one of the major goals for everybody trying to get these days. That's why I'd be writing about how to check website for AdSense approval and also the most respected AdSense eligibility checker tool.

adsense eligibility checker tool

I would take this step by step and go straight to the point that is to say, I am going to write an AdSense review stuff and how to use my tools for sure you will get Google AdSense approval.

    I repeat, you will get an AdSense account approval.

    Our checklist is the best AdSense status detector tool to know if your AdSense application will be accepted or rejected.

    If you are a publisher then some more eligibility criteria are checking if you use supported site language English should be your main primary language of your website especially if you are applying from a country like India.

    The Blogger AdSense approval requirement is a very simple one and you must follow our checklist if you really want to be Google AdSense approved.

    One of the various things to also put into consideration is the domain name length and domain age, how many month old your blog posts is even if it is just one blog post, quality content and privacy policy pages and getting a little bit of traffic to your site page before applying.

    That said, you are one way ahead of getting your own approved Google AdSense account.

    Oh yeah. Truth no one is willing to tell you.

    Is it not a big thing if you check your AdSense status and realized you've been approved even before 8 hours of applying for Google ads?

    My joy knew no bounds after I got this tool and I got a Google AdSense account even on my two domains banned from Google AdSense.

    Tip of the iceberg uhnnn! Wait, don't rush, I am going to give you the ice😎.

    How much Traffic is Required for AdSense Approval?

    I have seen even huge websites unable to answer this simple question. The deep truth to how much traffic required for AdSense approval and to maximize AdSense revenue is as little as 1 - 1,000,000,000 daily/monthly traffic.

    What I mean is that as long as you are having one daily visitor (not bots), you are sure to get instant approval.

    In doubt again? Okay, I'll tell you how Google AdSense program works and provide you with my AdSense compatibility checker tool.

    You won't have to download anything and it is completely free. I'll provide it step by step on this blog.

    How to Check my Website/Blog for AdSense Approval: AdSense Eligibility Checker Tool

    If you want to apply and gain instant AdSense eligibility you are sure to follow this three simple steps;

    STEP 1: Choose a Custom Domain

    Your choice of domain whether free or paid is very important if you want to get instant approval on Google AdSense.

    The program is a serious one and as such should be treated in same vein.

    If you want to be serious with it the opt for buying a domain it costs just about $10 or more per year.

    Domain Examples:

    • www.your-preffered-domain-name.com
    • www.your-preffered-domain-name.com.ng
    • www.your-preffered-domain-name.co.uk
    • www.your-preffered-domain-name.in
    • www.your-preffered-domain-name.org
    • www.your-preffered-domain-name.net etc

    STEP 2: Write Unique Evergreen Contents

    "Content is King", this same rule still applies. I know you've seen it couple of times but that doesn't matter. All that matters is that write a good content.

    You need 100% original content that tends to solve your blog/website users and visitors problem. In short, you need an in depth article.

    Make sure you are not doing copy-paste as Google would identify your content as scraped. Just make sure your content length is more than 500 words and minimum of 15 blog posts.

    Then you are on your way to getting approved again😘


    We're getting done.

    STEP 3: Blog/Website Pages are Important

    When you created you website you just don't focus on contents alone. The AdSense crawler and AdSense search generally for your menu pages. I'll explain how those pages look like below;

    • About Us Page:

    This part of the page is very important to guarantee instant approval.

    Checking the 'About Me' section of this blog will give you a detailed explanation about how to write your 'About Us' page.

    Remember, don't copy. Just write about what your blog will give to its users. That's all!

    • Contact Us Page:

    You should provide a 'Contact Us' menu too as it helps AdSense decide if the owners of the blog/website are not robots or just controlled by auto pilots. You need to be real!

    • Privacy Policy Page:

    This page is quite tedious to write but you can easily do it with the help of free tools like freeprivacypolicy.com. You are almost good to go.

    Wrapping Up

    Follow this checklist too, very important;
    • There are restriction to some blogs language
    • Your website/domain must be up to 6 months old in some regions especially India because of fraudulent practices (Not all countries)
    • Do not use copyright Images/Graphics

    Now the most important thing is traffic after getting your Adsense approved. Check out How to get DoFollow links and get thousands of visitors to your blog/website daily.

    That's it about how to check website for adsense approval or adsense eligibility checker tool. Sharing is caring!

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