How to Redeem Itunes Card on Paxful: Convert Gift Card to Cash or Bitcoin

Paxful is just another web platform that allows traders to transact and communicate with each other through their internal messaging system in order to buy and sell Bitcoin.

redeem gift card paxful

This is not a Paxful app account wallet trade review, I just want to be helpful with how to use paxful to buy bitcoin and make money easily.

Buying Bitcoin with Paxful is a very easy thing as there are a lot of payment methods ranging from Gift cards, Credit and Debit Cards, Bank transfer and any other payment option you are thinking of right now.

Yes its true, yes Paxful is BAE!😘

But, my main reason of writing this article is to show you how to convert and redeem any gift card of your choice instantly on Paxful, as a matter of fact I will show you how to redeem itunes gift card on paxful, in paxful or whatever you might want to term it as.

What else am I  including in my free package for you? Well, I will show you;

  • how to redeem and buy Bitcoin with steam card or steam wallet gift card with Paxful
  • how to redeem and buy Bitcoin with Amazon card or Amazon gift card with cash receipt using Paxful
  • how to redeem Google play gift card on Paxful
  • how to buy Bitcoin with Apple gift card on Paxful

  • Worthy of mentions is the, Sephora, Walmart, Nordstrom, Uber, OneVanilla and PlayStation network gift cards.

    How to Redeem Itunes Gift Card on Paxful: Convert and Redeem Steam Wallet, Google Play,, Sephora, Uber, OneVanilla, PlayStation network, Apple and Amazon Gift Card to Bitcoin or Cash using Paxful

    There is more to how to make use of Paxful to redeem itunes card or any gift card you can think of.

    But one sure thing I know is that I will teach you how to easily;

  • buy bitcoin with itunes account
  • exchange itunes gift card to bitcoin
  • sell itunes gift card

  • Step by step without having to be afraid. Let's go.

    Hey, this is not for lazy people you can stop reading right here if you are not ready to learn and take actions.

    Why do you have to use them? Haven't you heard of Paxful scam? There are a lot of people that get scammed on Paxful daily.

    Perhaps you have given your card before to some claimed Gift card loaders and they said your card has been used thinking they wanted to scam you, you started shouting for your money but there is nothing you card do, because;


    How do I Redeem my Gift Cards then?
    You can and you will if you follow my steps

    STEP 1

    I am your direct loader, I redeem all gift cards directly at sweet rates.

    Send me a mail:

    My rates
    $100 = $70 = N24,150
    $50 = $35 = N12,075
    $25 = $17.5 = N6,035

    Amazon gift cards with cash receipt has higher prices.
    Message me on WhatsApp for fast trade. I am your DIRECT LOADER or use +2349064176042 to message me on WhatsApp.

    NOTE: This is the current rate as at the time of uploading this blog post. It might be up or down.

    However, if you want to give Paxful a shot, then use this link to Sign up and register on Paxful.

    Majority have used this link and there is no complaint so far about their account.

    With this link you get a premium account and your chance of being scammed is just 5% and if you're lucky you get a $10 worth of BTC Sign up bonus...

    If you don't use this link, your chance of being scammed is 97%. Better reason to create a new Paxful account now.

    But of course don't go for chances when you can open a trade with me without getting SCAMMED!

    Yay! Cool😎

    STEP 2

    Receive payment after gift card confirmation.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Can I get paid if I am not in Nigeria? Yes, we pay directly into your Bitcoin wallet.

    Can we trust you? Yes, you can I have a huge customers and scammers will show you proofs that you ordinarily know it is fake or very hard to believe. And they hide their identities for fear of being caught.

    For example, they promise higher prices. For many years, I have been trying to build my reputation online and I am glad I'm doing it.

    Gift Card Proofs + Payment

    gift card payment

    gift card payment proof

    Bitcoin Payment History

    bitcoin gift card paxful payment proof

    Now, nobody is ever going to cheat you if you are trying to redeem your gift cards.

    Drop a comment please.

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