Wakanda.NG Nation Online Income Program is Scam? Wait: Read the Honest Review

Wakanda.NG online earning income program, what's up? Well, I'm writing a full review about it.

If you ever Googled it and you are coming across this page, then you are very lucky to come on here. Quickly you can check how to make money online in Nigeria and how to get free gift cards.

In fact if you work hard you can earn up to N40,000 weekly and withdraw it every Sunday.

wakanda.ng income legit or scam

Today, I will explain to you if you have been asking yourself that; what is wakanda, I want to know about wakanda. Relax this post is straightforward and will tell you if the online income program in Nigeria is scam or not.

Wakanda.ng Review: Wakanda Nation Income Program Review (Legit or Scam)

Look, if you are asking yourself this questions:

  • is Wakanda income program legit or scam
  • websites like nnu.ng and similar to nnu income program
  • how to make money online reading news with wakanda.ng

  • I am glad that you've found an answer to all your numerous questions in fact I will answer the ones you are thinking about but I didn't put up there.

    Don't be afraid, Wakanda is registered company
    CAC NO: BN-2558110 and have a physical company at Abuja the name is Ladina Integrated Service.

    You see they can't carry the money we've earned and run away lol.

    I only know when this program starts, I'm not sure when it will end so why not jump on this investment opportunity and start making thousands of Naira weekly. There is no limit to how much you can earn.

    You can even earn N200,000 weekly and it will be paid into your Nigerian bank account.

    How to Register and Make Money on Wakanda Online Income Program

    I bet you have been reading news on Nairaland forum, Naijaloaded, Linda ikejis blog, Punch newspaper, BNL newspaper, Daily Post Newspaper, the guardian etc and you don't get monetary reward and income.

    Well before I found wakanda income opportunity I have been doing that same mistake.

    Why not wait and register on Wakanda to get paid even by making comments to posts too.

    I will tell you the secret I use on how to earn on wakanda nation income program in this wakanda.ng review doing simple tasks from your Smartphones or computer daily.

    There are two(2) ways to go about paid memberships on Wakanda Nation:

    1. Affiliate Membership:

    This is a basic plan and if you choose this plan, you will earn Money in the following ways:

  • N100 Registration bonus
  • N50 daily login bonus
  • N50 for each sponsored post you read and share on Facebook
  • N2 for every good comment you drop on any post on the Homepage (I repeat only posts that makes front-page)
  • N1,000 for each person you refer to Wakanda Nation.

  • To become an affiliate member on Wakanda, you are required to first register a free account (Click Here) and then upgrade by paying a onetime Registration Fee of N1,300 only!  

    After creating a free account, login and locate your affiliate area and click on the upgrade button to get started with your upgrade.

    2. VIP Membership:

    Is the plan that give you more and very huge earnings. 

    This plan will allow you earn recurrent bonuses on all your referrals every two months. 

    The bonuses are non-stop and no extra work is required of you. 

    Please note that only those on affiliate membership can upgrade to VIP plan.

    When you are on VIP Plan, you will earn Money in the following ways:

  • N100 for sharing any sponsored post on Facebook
  • N4 for each comment on any post
  • N50 daily login bonus
  • N2,500 for each person you refer to Wakanda Nation!

  • The Registration Fee for VIP Membership (Wakanda Assurance) is N2,500 only and it’s renewable every 2 months. Click this link to register.

    To join, simply login to your affiliate membership account and click on UPGRADE. Then follow the instructions.

    You can however choose not to upgrade to any plan and use Wakanda for free but there is one secret I'll make bolded for you.


    How to Make Payments for Paid Membership/Upgrade

    1. Online payments with your ATM card

    2. Coupon codes; visit the site for more about Coupon codes

    But you can pay with either of the two methods.

    Minimum Withdrawal/Payout

    Minimum withdrawal is NGN4,000 and they pay out every Sunday once you make a request for payout and that is if you reach the minimum withdrawal. If you think you can't wait, then I have proven investment ideas for you.

    Payment Proof

    I am not the type that keeps bank alerts on my phone, but what I have, I will show you. Because these wakanda.ng nation income program program is very real and legit.

    wakanda.ng income payment proofs

    Wakanda income program naira is one of the latest income program in Nigeria you should try out today.


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