Overdrop Weather App and Widgets: How to use

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overdrop weather app and widgets

If you are looking to check the temperature of a place or how hot or cold a place is in °C or °F then you've made you way to the right post about this weather app and widget. Before you read you can check out the Ouvos app for cyclists.

Review about Overdrop

Now let's take a quick statistical look and  about the animated weather app forecast.

Developers: 39ninety

Downloads: Over 200,000 at the time of writing this blog post.

Availability: Everyone

Cool Features

This app is different from every other weather widgets you've ever come across on your android smartphones and tablets. If you want to know the features, then take a chill pill and be patient because...

That's it here in front of you;

  • All are Animated weather explanations and Illustrations
  • It has the modest design
  • Notifications + All time weather forecast
  • Dark Sky weather provide
  • Up to date information about current pressure, cloud cover, humidity, UV index and much more
  • Location and current city manager
  • Android P, Clock, Date and Battery widgets.

  • Overdrop is just a handy stylish Weather App

    Why is it Different from every other Weather App

    This is no cryptocurrency deal. My two reasons are you don't need to install;

  • Zooper
  • KWGT

  • In other to use widgets.

    How to use Overdrop Weather App and Widgets: Download for Android and IOS

    If you need it, then you can check your Google Playstore or App Store. The Overdrop app is very easy to use after.

    Wrapping up

    Overdrop is just a minimal weather app with lots of Stylish widget you would love.

    Feel free to share and us the app for free.

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