Ouvos App and its Usefulness for Cyclist in doing Crazy things

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Today I will be writing a short detailed blog post about a must download Ouvus app for cyclists. Its not just a made for fun app but it provides Real-time conditions of road too.


Are you looking to find the best app for cyclists? and one that gives real time data of everything happening on the road? I am ready to give you a detailed explanation about a community based Android navigation app.

I guess you haven't found a well detailed review about this app on Facebook, YouTube, Google or Twitter mobile.

May be you just want to prevent some hazards. This is not for specific people or for people from different race or different languages because it gives you conditions and information about road conditions in the community.

Then, I have some good news for you if you are willing to read this article to the end.

You don't need a Lyft hub location to cycle right? Yes you don't that's the more reason I am trying to introduce this Application.

Review about Google Play Ouvus App APK Download

Ouvus app isn't just an google play apk  like every other app in the app store. It is a very good app to come by and I will give you a little detail about it. 

Developer: Ouvus

Download Statistics: Over 10,000 as at the time of writing this article

Availability: Everyone


Right about now, I will tell you some amazing thing about the app.

Hazard Alerts

With Ouvos you can report as well as receive hazards in real-time so you are capable of telling others and seeing what is ahead of you.

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  • Tracking

    You can monitor the speed at which you cycle and even the distance covered with time. The whole concept is based on mapping and latest share on basedtime road situations.

    Ability to make Safety Ratings

    Even with the beautiful app download you can be able to make ratings either good or bad, about the routes and roads you've travelled so as to alert others of your different experience of safety with the roads and routes.

    Turn-by-Turn Navigation

    This allows you to notice road closures and allows you to know the fastest means possible to get to your destination.

    How to Download Ouvos for Android or IOS

    If you wish to download then you can get it from your various app store.


    Now you know the features, apart from that Ouvos App let's cyclist share real-time conditions of road before embarking on any bicycle related journey.

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