Easiest & best Languages to Learn for English Speakers: 5 Surprisingly Easy Languages

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This blog post will guide you on the easiest languages to learn for English speakers, and also the best languages to learn, put together you will learn the easiest and best languages for English speakers.

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What is a Language?

Language is a form of communication using words or body expression either by facial expression or hand signs. Languages are usually in written form.

Native speakers for new language and English language have existed since the beginning of the earth.

You can use it on your blogs as well.

Even when you are trading; you speak the hardest languages because using words and vocabulary makes the whole process easier.

Everything shouldn't be based on how to learn native English only when you can opt for ones that can better your career and prevent language barriers.

Why should I Learn another Language?

If you are wondering why you should learn another language if you are a native English speaker or from countries that speak no other language except for English then yes its not just like weather that changes, I will tell you why you need it. 

Your leisure shouldn't be spent playing games challenge only.

Don't be surprised because you need to learn foreign language. Learning other languages is a cool thing. 

These are the reasons you should learn other languages:

  • No More Paying Huge Prices For Language Translations

  • Learning Becomes an Easier thing

  • Meeting New People and More Interesting People; Break the Language Barrier

  • Opening Up a World of Business and Marketing opportunities

  • Earn Cash with it.

  • The best Languages to Learn

    If you are looking for the best languages you can learn for fun or business.

    Then I have five best languages to learn. Namely;

  • Spanish

  • German

  • French

  • Arabic

  • Russian

  • Easiest Languages to Learn for Native English Speakers

    You know about languages to learn but you definitely want to know the best languages to learn for native English speakers or people who just consider the language English as the easiest language.

    Let's not waste time and learn from your phone. You don't need a foreign service institute or some sort of dictionary for learners to aid easy learning.

    I'm rushing into it **winks**

    Learn to Speak the Spanish Language

    Why Spanish?

    Spanish is a Western Romance language that originated in the Castile region of Spain and has over 480 million native speakers in the Americas and Spain. It is usually considered a global language with over 75 million speakers using it as their second language.

    Learn to Speak the German Language

    Why German?

    German is a West Germanic language that is mainly spoken in Central Europe. With over 95 million native speakers and over 15 million people is a second language speaker.

    Learn to Speak the French Language

    Why French?

    French is a Romance language of the Indo-European family. With over 76.8 million speakers worldwide and an estimated 274 million speakers using it as their first and second speaking languages.

    Learn to Speak the Arabic Language

    Why Arabic?

    Arabic is a Central Semiticlanguage that first emerged in Iron Agenorthwestern Arabia and is now the lingua franca of the Arab world. With over 310 million speakers worldwide.

    Learn to Speak the Russian Language

    Why Russian?

    Russian is an East Slavic language with over 265 million speakers both native and second language speakers.

    Other Languages you should Learn how to Speak and why them?

    1. Mandarin Chinese: With over 1.1 billion speakers both native and Second Language.

    2. Hindustani: With over 544 million speakers both native speakers and Second Language speakers.

    3. Malay: With over 281 million speakers both native and Second Language speakers.

    4. Bengali: Having over 261 million speakers both native and Second Language speakers.

    5. Portuguese: Having the sum of 229 million speakers; native speakers and Second Language speakers.

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  • Wrapping up

    I guess in this post you should have seen a reason to have best languages to learn and discover the easiest languages to learn for english speakers.

    We await you in the comments.

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