How To Write The Best Guest Post To Boost Your Website Domain Authority, Page View & SEO

This wonderful article is aimed at showing you how to write the best quality guest post, in fact it answers all your question on how to use Guest Posts to boost your Website Domain Authority (DA), Increase Page View (PV) and Over all Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

guest post for SEO and page view

You should have heard about guest posting, may be once. Well today I will show you all you need to know about an awesome guest posting and how to use it to boost your Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP).

First I'd tell you the meaning of Guest posts, Website Domain Authority & Page View.

What Is A Guest Post?

“Guest post” means trying to promote your website or driving sales by doing the work of writing and publishing a content on someone else's website or blog. Guest posting is a good to connect with new readers and increase the number of visitors on your website daily.

What Is A Website Domain Authority?

The website Domain Authority is a mojor ranking factor and it helps to know how a blog or website have a good and important relevance for a specific Keyword. This relevance has a direct impact on the URL search engine rankings. 

A good guest post from a Website with higher authority increases your Domain Authority too.

Imagine write a Search Engine Optimized content and you are not ranking at all? Its because of your website Domain Authority.

A website Domain Authority Ranges from 1 - 100. Check your domain authority here.

The higher the Domain Authority, the higher the visibility on search engines which means more Page Views.

And the lower the Domain, Authority, the lower the visibility on search engines which means low or no page views.

What Is Page Views?

Page View is a way an Internet user accesses your website. For each Page View to a particular page on a website. It counts.

When your write guest posts on a website with good Authority, there will be an Increase in your Page Views daily.

As you are trying to read. I will show you how the best guest post will help you achieve Domain Authority and Page View.

How To Write The Best Guest Post

  • Apply Search Engine Friendly Structure. You can read how to do Search Engine Optimization for your blog/ website.

  • Do proper Keyword Research. Focus on the Keyword you researched in the content you want to publish.

  • Include Images.  If possible, infographics, video and other visuals.

  • Backlink your guest post to have a good landing page, not to your home page. Your guest post should be able to direct users to a relevant post on your website or blog.

  • When you are writing a guest post, make sure you write the guest post on a website or blog ofa Domain Authority from 30+. We accept guest posts on our blog check how.

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