How to Convert Gift Cards to Nigerian Naira by yourself and Avoid Rippers: Convert iTunes, Amazon, Steam Wallet

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A gift card is an already paid stored-value money card usually issued by an organization, store, services or bank to which is usually used instead in paying money for goods or services that is to be purchased within a particular store or related businesses.

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convert gift cards to cash

If you are on this page right now, then you probably used the search engine to search for any of these phrases:

  • convert and redeem $100 itunes gift card to naira
  • how to and how do i convert and redeem itunes gift card to naira cash
  • exchange gift cards to naira

  • But you know what? I don't care, all I care about is you and how to exchange your gift cards to Nigerian Naira and I will give you the tutorial and complete step by step guide on how to convert all types of gift cards to naira at the current rate of dollar.

    Is that not cool?

    Let me tell you a deep truth, you can't sell any gift card you've got for the exact amount in dollars or British pounds. Except you gonna learn to use it for yourself on your Apple iPhone(s).

    But I can save you such stress and explain to you ways to get the best and redeem gift cards yourself with me without the fear of those rippers you come across on Google.

    Don't waste your cards purchasing top music songs on itunes or from Walmart store when you can get it converted to money.

    If you are not ready to read this post step by step and take actions please quickly press your back button.

    Warning!!!: Don't upload your cards to some ghost websites without having to talk to them directly either on WhatsApp or any other verified social media platform because of mouth watering prices. If you are eventually scammed there is nothing I can do about it.

    Also, this is an old post so gift card prices are subjected to changes because they follow the Bitcoin market price.

    I hate lazy people and people that are not ready to take actions

    When I looked things up, it occurred to me that there has been many people wanting to know the most reliable place/website in Nigeria where one can exchange gift cards to Naira

    Although I personally help people convert and teach them how to redeem their Physical gift card to cash or bitcoin. I found out that there is a wide market to it than I thought in the past.

    Don't be afraid, you can even convert $20- $50 steam card to naira and of course know how much $100 steam card is in naira. If you are looking to change and how convert to $100amazon gift card I have the answer too.

    After reading this post, you will understand the concept of gift cards exchange in your nigerian naira account as well as abroad and where to sell gift cards in nigeria.

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    Are you still confused?, you won't learn only about United States but how to redeem itunes gift card in Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand and other European countries and how much is the cost of $100 amazon gift card. Even the itunes - amazon rates.

    You would also learn how to convert itunes gift card to naira and how to redeem iTunes gift card to cash in Nigeria.

    You would be glad you came across this post.

    Do you want the simplest and most convenient method to convert your Amazon gift cardssteam gift card, or itunes gift cards into cash online without the fear of being scammed or ripped off? Trust me, you are going to learn right now, right here today all this things;

  • how to buy and sell gift cards in nigeria
  • conversion of gift card to perfect money instantly
  • convert or sell amazon gift card for bitcoins or cash
  • where and how to exchange iTunes gift card for money

  • This has made me realized that I need to help you on how any Nigerian can successfully convert his or her gift card to cash in Nigeria, Ghana, Malaysia, South Africa, Ukraine or any West African country without being afraid of being scammed and ripped off.

    That is why I will give you something light about getting your cash instantly, really cool and easily without the fear of being scammed.

    Note #1: How to Convert iTunes Gift Cards to Naira

    An iTunes gift card is the card you purchase with money from the store to make purchases in the iTunes Store without using a credit card, check or bank transfer payment.

    If you are looking for:

  • how much icards0 $15 $25 $50 $75 $100 $200 itunes card to naira in nigeria
  • site to redeem itunes card
  • how to redeem itunes card on android
  • how to sell itunes gift card in nigeria
  • where can i sell $200 itunes card

  • Then this post is for you.

    The card has a gift code which is usually at the back of the card that you enter to redeem the card to put the amount in your iTunes account.

    But you know, I can convert it to cash for you without putting it in any iTunes account but into your bank account straight that means I will tell you how to convert iTunes gift card to Naira.

    FAQ about iTunes Gift Cards

    You may want to ask about the rates I buy and redeem the gift card from you.

    How much is $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $50, $100 and $200 iTunes gift card? I accept most face values.

    Price range changes but I buy $100 iTunes gift card for NGN27,000 and $50 for NGN13,500 that's how the price goes. You see I offer the best rates?

    Do I need to have the receipt for my iTunes Card? The Answer is a big NO

    How to sell to me:
    Contact me via
    WhatsApp/Call/text: +2349064176042 or Instantly message me on WhatsApp with this link

    E-mail:  itzogunsakin [at] gmail [dot] com

    Note #2: How to Convert Amazon Gift Cards to Naira

    Amazon gift cards are used to purchase goods, games and services from the Amazon website without the need to buy with cash or credit card. I can say the gift card, Amazon is a very nice one.

    That said, now I will explain to you step by step:

  • amazon to naira
  • how much is $100 $50 $25 $200 amazon card in nigerian naira today
  • buying and selling amazon gift card for money in nigeria
  • convert amazon gift card to naira

  • You got Amazon gift cards? I've got cash too and I pay at the best rate you can find out there.

    I will also help you if you are looking to sell amazon gift card to naira and I pay straight into your Nigerian bank accounts.

    FAQ about Amazon Gift Cards

    You may want to ask about the rates I buy and redeem Amazon gift card from you.

    How much is $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $30, $50, $100 and $200 Amazon gift card? I accept most face value.

    Price range changes but I buy $100 Amazon gift card for NGN27,000 and $50 for NGN13,500.

    Do I need to have the receipt for my or Amazon Card? The big answer is YES, but if you don't have an Amazon gift card with receipt then its still OK by me but rate might drop by N1,000.

    The rate is even more cool and high if you got a receipt and the card is purchased with cash and not a debit or credit card that's how the price goes. You see I offer the best rates?

    How to sell to me:
    Contact me via

    WhatsApp/Call/text: +2349064176042 or send a message to me on WhatsApp
    E-mail: itzogunsakin [at] gmail [dot] com

    There is something I want to tell you about quickly too.

    Note #3: How to Exchanging Gift Cards for Bitcoin

    If you are looking to;
  • exchange bitcoin for cash
  • buying and purchase of bitcoin with gift cards in Nigeria
  • simple steps to get bitcoin with gift card
  • best places to buy and sell bitcoin using gift cards

  • Then this beautiful blog post is also for you. I have provided a means to contact me already. I buy all Bitcoin (BTC) at mouth watering rates: 330 - 360/$. Try me today!

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    I Redeem other Gift Cards too

    I also:

    1. Redeem and Convert Steam Wallet gift cards also known as Steam gift card from your Steam wallet or Steam gift or whatever you may term it as to our local currency.

    2. Redeem OneVanilla VISA/MasterCard gift cards.

    3. Convert PlayStation Network gift cards

    4. Redeem Google Play Gift cards to cash instantly.

    5. Redeem Apple Gift cards

    6. Redeem Uber Gift cards

    7. Convert Gift cards

    8. Redeem Sephora Gift cards

    And any gift cards to Nigerian Naira (NGN) at the best rates too.

    In one of my blog topics I also wrote how to sell Bitcoins in Nigeria and get money straight into your Nigerian Bank account. You might find the post interesting too.

    If you need to contact me, you can do so by:

    WhatsApp/Text: +2349064176042

    I'm available 24/7 even on weekends too, just because of you.

    You will be glad you did contact me!

    Note #4: What are the Country Gift Cards Available that I Buy Ranging from ITunes, Amazon, Uber,, OneVanilla Visa/MasterCard, Apple, Google Play, PlayStation Network Gift Cards, Sephora Gift Cards

    I buy & redeem gift cards for the following countries: United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, Singapore and many more... Ranging from Dollars ($) to Pounds (£) to Euro (€).

    If you have any questions, kindly drop it.

    Happy making money online!

    Note #5: Do you really want to Learn how to Redeem Gift Cards yourself (Complete Guide)?

    If you really want to then you can message me from the WhatsApp contact I gave above after we have done businesses together that is you trade Two Valid Gift Cards With Me

    Hurry fast and paste me two valid cards and I will teach you how to change any gift card to Naira. 

    After sometime, I won't teach you for free again. I'm increasing the price to NGN30,999 soon. So catch this opportunity while it lasts!.

    Card To Cash Proofs + Payments

    Redeeming Gift Card Proof:

    gift card proof

    Redeeming Gift Card Payment:

    gift card payments

    Review from a Happy Client

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  • Now I can assure that you know the complete method with tutorial how to convert and redeem any amazon, ITunes, steam, google play, apple (gift cards) to naira in nigeria today at normal rates with ease of mind.

    If we've made you smile, maybe once, kindly drop a positive comment.

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