Wakanda.NG Nation Online Income Program Scam Alert?: Review, Make Money, Sign Up, Payment Proof, Minimum Payout

Read This! If You Want To Know If The Wakanda Income Program Is Legit Or Scam
This wonderful article contains all you need to know about the wakanda.ng review income program. In fact it answers all the question you need to let you know if Wakanda.ng is real, scam, legit or just a fake income program opportunity.

Ever heard of online income program? Its a simple online income system or a make money online system to make basic income that involves doing simple tasks. Now let's talk about the Wakanda.NG nation make money online income program review (legit or scam) 

Note: This is an honest Wakanda.NG review so let's go

wakanda nation income program

Wakanda program is a legitimate online income opportunities in Nigeria and even Africa and the world. 

At the end of this blog post you will be able to know about it; I want to let you know that you have taken a bold step to know about the Wakanda Review

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  • Isn't that cool?

    I know by now you must have heard about some make money online income program in Nigeria. 

    Wakanda.NG is one of them as it is very transparent to join and also easy to make money online from it, all it requires is just patience and you are on your way to make passive income.

    Let's get started.

    Before you start reading, I will give you detailed analysis about the make money income program. Look;

  • Wakanda income program is real

  • Wakanda.ng is not scam

  • Wakanda.ng is real

  • Make money on Wakanda.ng online earning income program

  • Get paid to log in daily

  • Get paid to comment and share sponsored posts.

  • What more can you ask of when they have it all

    Is Wakanda Legit Or Scam?

    Yes it is very legit as they've already made some thousands of payments to many accounts that registered for the program. So to say you may ask is Wakanda income program legit or scam? Can I make much money from Wakanda program? How much can I make from Wakanda income program? Be patient, Read on.

    Let me tell you, Wakanda.NG is a very legit income program to make real cash online

    Review About Wakanda Nation

    Before joining you may want to ask who owns Wakanda.NG? How does it work? How much do they pay for every task?

    Keep it cool, I will tell you in this honest review.

    Wakanda Nation is a platform for news, entertainment, information and also an internet forum where you can interact with other people from different part of Nigeria and the world.

    Wakanda Nation is owned and being supervised by Ladina Integrated Service, a Legally registered I.T. business in Nigeria with the registration number CAC NO: BN-2558110. One proof that's it real right? They even have a physical office in the Capital of Nigeria, Abuja.

    How To Make Money On Wakanda Nation Income Program Also Known As The Wakanda.ng Review

    There are two transparent ways to make money with this income program. And is as follows; 

    Making money online is not easy at all, you have to do one or two things to earn

    1. WADS. (wakanda adverts-revenue Sharing program)
    Wakanda Nation is paid to run targeted adverts by companies, agencies, corporations, businesses and Individuals regularly.

    Then they decided to give part of the Money they make from those advertisement to people who participate actively in their forum.

    How To Earn on WADS
    You earn;

    A . N50 for logging into your accounts daily.

    B . N50 for sharing sponsored posts to your Facebook wall on daily basis.

    C . N2 for every valid comment you drop in the forum.

    Click here to Register a FREE ACCOUNT and earn money through WADS.

    There is another way to make money, let me tell you about it.

    2. WAP. (Wakanda Affiliate Program)
    Wakanda affiliate program allows you to earn money by using your referral link to invite your friends to join wakanda Nation. 

    How To Earn On WAP
    When you join Wakanda.NG's affiliate program, you earn N1,000 for each person you refer to wakanda Nation affiliate program and those people must also make the one-time registration fee of N1,300 or you won't get paid.

  • To register for wakanda Nation affiliate program, please Login to your normal account and click on “ Affiliate Area ” inside your Dashboard.

  • WAP has a One-time Registration fee of N1,300 only.

  • You can Pay online with your ATM CARD or by buying a Coupon Code directly from their website.

  • Eligibility For Wakanda Income Program

    The program is available for Nigerians and the rest of the world. For Nigerians, you must have a bank account or ATM card that makes online payment and for Non-Nigerians a bitcoin address will do.

    How To Register For Wakanda.NG Income Program And Make Money

    Its simple to register an account. I will tell you the step by step guide to register an account on Wakanda and start earning almost immediately. Are you following? 

    1. First you have to create an account here.

    2. Then, you have to fill your username, Email address and Password and click Register.

    online income program

    3. The payment is so flexible as you can pay a nonrefundable fee of N1,300 from your ATM Card.
    If you are a Non-Nigerian you can pay $3.3 worth of BTC click here to see the procedure.

    No worries Wakanda income program payment is now automated but you can also pay with Coupon Codes from an authorized seller on their website if you don't have access to making payments online. You can check that on their website homepage.

    Wakanda.NG Payment Option

    This program pays you by crediting your bank account every Sunday once you reach the minimum payout and you request to be paid. Minimum payout which is NGN4,000 and this is done manually by filling a form and the money is credited to your bank account or Bitcoin wallet

    When you work, there is no reason why you won't get paid, you will surely get paid.

    Wakanda Program Minimum Payout

    You will have to request to be paid once you reach threshold of N4,000 and above. Your money are paid directly to your local bank account, if you’re a non-nigerian, you can get paid via bitcoin, be sure to provide your bitcoin wallet ID in the bank account section of your account.

    Why I Dislike Wakanda Program

    In this Wakanda review, I will tell you why I hate their income program though you should know every make money online scheme isn't a get rich quickly scheme unless its a scam.

    Why I dislike Wakanda make money online;

    1. Earnings are slow.

    2. You earn by sharing on social medias or comment or you earn nothing.

    3. You need to log in on their website daily to earn.

    4. All your earnings may be gone if you comment more than once on a forum post especially if your comments look spammy.

    Rules of Wakanda.NG Income Program

    Not abiding to rules on this program is not good enough as it can cause. Termination of account or not being able to Withdraw earnings when you reach threshold. This are some of the rules.
    1. Do not post false news or misleading information.

    2. Post only good articles at the right sections.

    3. Do not bully, intimidate, abuse or unduly embarrass a fellow Wakadian in any way. And always show love, Respect and decorum in expressing your views.

    4. Do not aid, facilitate or abate any act or omission inimical to progress of the forum.

    5. Do not use the program for ANY illegal Activity.

    6. Do not post irrelevant or maliciously repeated COMMENTS just to earn money. Your account will be banned and you won't be able to withdraw earnings if you do.

    7. Do not propagate, instigate, incite or promote tribal or ethnic causes on the forum.

    8. Do not post ANY pornographic or irritating content on Wakanda Nation.

    9. Respect the privacy of people and desist from posting Anyone’s confidential information on the system.

    10. Please, as much as you can, write in good English and avoid unnecessary abbreviations.

    11. Do not post illicit adverts anywhere on Wakanda Nation except the area permitted for that purpose.

    12. Please, Respect the program Moderators.

    Now back to the topic Wakanda.ng nation make money online income program review (legit or scam). They are actually no scams and you can register an account with them here.


    1. Do they pay to those who open free account

    2. Do they pay to those who open free account

      1. Unfortunately, Wakanda doesn't pay anybody that opens an account without making a first deposit of N1,300

    3. Hmn?�� are you sure about what you're saying @OluwaDamilare?

      I think I read it on the 2nd batch post on the website that they paid non-affiliate members.

      1. They don't sir. When you register as a free member all you can do is just read news, comment and other stuffs but you can't earn.

    4. as a free member,can i do daily activities bcos i have no cash presently and withdraw later after i make payment

    5. Well structured review here.

      But, do you really think or had made inquiries if they pay free members or not?

      Actually, according to the site, they pay free members to. Only that they cannot earn through affiliate program.

    6. A free account holder can earn but it's #50 for daily login, and #2 for comment. u can manage the free account until u upgrade to Affiliate account. half bread is better than none.

      1. Thanks for letting me know this Kingsley, seriously I never knew they pay free members

    7. Pls between this one and nnu with one should I invest in because am confused

      1. I think you already read about the wakanda review and you've decided if Wakanda is legit or scam.

        Do the same for NNU and see which one is worth it.

        But I think Wakanda is great!

    8. Thank you very much for this wonderful review. I really appreciate .

      1. Glad you love it Agoha Ikechukwu. Kindly share!

    9. You can earn with free account.. But I dont know if they pay

    10. Sir I made my payment on Monday to ophoke's account, he sent me a code to register, but on the process, the code seems not to be correct. All I see is coupon limit has been reached. Why

      1. Is Ophoke an authorized Coupon code seller? if yes, Try contacting him again sir

    11. I have a free account but I don't earn anything after reading posts. Must I be an affiliate before I earn by reading posts and comments

      1. No, you can earn by logging in daily to your account and sharing sponsored post. But you can never earn by referring someone unless you make a one - time payment of N1,300

    12. I really like this..... Please is it when my earning reach 4000 naira I will be able to cash it?

    13. Must someone has referrals before he is able to withdraw just like newspay and Nnu?

      1. Probably, sometimes they pay only people with referrals!

    14. How can I share wakanda post to my Facebook page

      1. As at today, October 13, 2018. They have no share button for Facebook only if you copy the sponsored post link and update it on your Facebook status.