Passive Income Opportunities: Earn Money Online With Google AdSense

Ever heard about some passive income opportunities? Do you know you can earn money online with Google AdSense while you sleep? This post will teach you how to earn money online with Google AdSense.

passive income opportunities google adsense

Back to the post topic, passive income opportunities: Earn money online with google adsense how much can be earned from Google AdSense? Well the answer is as much as you want. It could be $100, $200, $300, $1000 and much more or nothing, lol.

What are passive income? It means making sales or getting income you have once worked for and you receive payments for it even when you are no longer physically working at the time or even when you are sleeping.

There are many passive income opportunity today in the online world, this can make you do what you like at any time you want, as you would get paid even if you are not working.

Why should you have a passive income:

1. Passive Income Gives You Time For Yourself And Your Family

Instead of you wasting time on a job you hate doing, you can just switch to making a passive income. AdSense is one great way to make that. 

When you have a passive income you have time for your self, friends and love ones even your family. However, you can still combine an active income with it.

2. It's Easier And Flexible

Online passive income opportunities are a great way to gain freedom from financial oppression. 

All you need to get started is internet then you have to find what you are passionate about to blog on that's what we may refer to as a niche. Then, give it time as you won't start making money almost immediately.

Using Google AdSense To Make Passive Income

An example of the passive income opportunity is the Google AdSense and it pays per click earnings or on impressions. 

What matters most with Google AdSense is having a genuine traffic source and you can earn even much more.

When you have an SEO optimized article you can have a targeted website traffic and make a passive income this way.

You don't have to create new topics to your blog every day. Once you have an article that ranks on first page of the Google search then you can make money from Google AdSense this way without even working.

Requirements To Make Passive Income With Google AdSense

To have a Google AdSense account, you must have a YouTube channel, A mobile app, A blog/website or any hosted partner.

How To Become Eligible For Google AdSense And Earn Passive Income

While we can't say whether your blog/website would be approved if you apply for a Google AdSense account, here are a few things you can check before applying to see if your website/blog would be approved with AdSense.

1. Make Sure You Own The Website/Blog
Before you apply make sure you own the blog or website because you must have access to edit the HTML source code of the website you've submitted for a review by the AdSense team. If you submit a blog/website you don't own (for example,, you won't be able to place the AdSense code on the site and your application will not be approved.

2. Your Website/Blog Should Comply With AdSense Program Policy
Check that your website/blog complies with our the AdSense program policies before submitting your application or it won't be approved.

3. You Must Be 18 Years +
To sign up for Google AdSense you must be 18 years or above.

Once you are approved, you can start earning almost immediately. That's how you can make passive income opportunities and earn money online from Google AdSense. Feel free to drop your comments.

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