Use Nofollow Links For SEO And Rank Your Contents On Search Engines

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Today, I'm going to be talking about Nofollow links and how to use it for search engine optimization.

Nofollow Links Is Very Important For Search Engine Optimization And Rankings

What do Nofollow links mean? A Nofollow link is a link that does not count to most people as a point in the blog or website's page favor. They do not boost Domain Authority or rank but can at least try to pass link juice.

nofollow links seo

Lets take link juice into study for better understanding, If Page A links to Page B, then link juice “flows” from page A to page B and that generally helps page B rank higher on Google. The more pages (and the higher-quality the pages are) that links to page B, the more link juice page B has and the higher it will tend to rank on Google.

You may actually be wondering do Nofollow links count or pass link juice. Yes, they do because it helps your blog/website SEO and improve your position in Search engine ranking position (SERP).

How Do You Do Or Add A Nofollow Link Then.

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You can do a Nofollow link by adding an HTML tag that looks like the one below in your blog;

<a href=""
rel="nofollow" >Your Text</a>

People do ask, how do you get a Nofollow link? Well, you can try out this below steps.

1. Social media links from social media shares e.g Facebook, Twitter.

2. Comments from blogs, websites or forums.

3. Content submission website.

Importance Of Nofollow Links

Now, how important are Nofollow links to blogs.

In the world of SEO, there are a lot of opinions on how important nofollow links are and whether or not they should be utilised as part of an SEO strategy. 

Originally, they were introduced by Google, to prevent people from using black-hat SEO techniques of spamming links across the internet e.g. social comments. 

And they are very important for SEO and to rank your contents on Search Engines.

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