Google Webmaster Guidelines: Make Google Index Your Blogger Blogs Or Website Topics Faster

I know a lot of people would have been looking for how to submit url of their blogger blogs to search engines especially the search giant, Google.

Well, without wasting more of you time let me explain the

Google Webmaster Guidelines to making Google index your Blogger Blogs or website new topics faster.

google webmaster guidelines index blogger blogs

First things first, why should you submit url to google search engine for a blogger blog?

1. It increases you blog/website page rank

2. It increases your target audience thereby increasing sales.

Let's go on.

Sometimes you may ask yourself these questions: how to get Google to crawl your site faster? How to index links in Google? How to index a website? Does Google index blogspot? Is my site indexed?

First if you want to know if your website or blogger blog has been indexed by Google you can head over to and in the search box enter site:www.your 

Isn't that cool? 

Again, does Google index blogspot? Yes they very much do because Google likes anything Google lol.

How To Get Your Blog Or Website Indexed By Google

Getting an index of your blog on Google is every bloggers dream and I'm going to teach you how to get a blog index step-by-step.

To get your blogger blog or website indexed, you have to use the Google webmaster tools or search console. How can you use the Google webmaster?

1. Go to Google webmaster tool or search console and click on "add a property"

google webmaster tools

2.  Enter your website as shown below and click "add"

google webmaster's

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3. After you have successfully added your website or blog. You can then add a sitemap.

submit your website to google

4.  Click on "Add/test Sitemap" 

submit sitemap to google

5.  You can then put  sitemap.xml in the box below and Submit

index blog posts

Now you are a step from making your website or blog get indexed immediately.

6. On the menu again click on "Fetch as Google" 

is my site indexed

7. You can choose to submit your URL again or the page you wish to index.

google indexing service

Then, you are done.

Feel free to ask any questions concerning Google Webmaster guidelines on making Google index your Blogger Blogs or website new topics faster.

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