How To Start Google Adsense As A Beginner And Make Money

What are the questions you ask yourself when you hear about Google AdSense? I know you will ask yourselves how does AdSense work?, can you make money from Google AdSense?, is joining Google AdSense free?, what do I need to join Google AdSense? How to start Google AdSense? All of this will be answered in this article.

Many newbie bloggers do not know how to go about it when they want to join or start google Adsense today I'll try to explain about the program and how to join. 

joining Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a contextual advertising program that is set up to allow you run ads on your website or blog, or YouTube videos, and get paid per impressions or clicks. Apart from the transparency of Google adsense in terms of payment, it is free to join. Google AdSense sign in is also very easy. The ads are generated from businesses that use Google's AdWords program.


1.It's free to join.

2. Google AdSense login is simple

3. Requirements are simple, which means you can monetize your website or blog anytime, anywhere.

4. The auto ads gives easy flexibility on how you show ads on your website or blog. 

5. AdSense payment is monthly (if you meet threshold) with different payout options. Google AdSense earnings is also cool if you follow their policies

4. You can run ads on different servers from one account.

Some people do ask can you create an AdSense account without a website? Yes very much.

They have a program called Admob. Admob allows you to run Google ads in a mobile app.

Other people asks is their any Google AdSense app? Yes very much the AdSense mobile is available on Google PlayStore.


To me, Adsense do not have many disadvantages but some of the disadvantages could be;

1. Termination of account for invalid clicks on ads, invalid traffic or impressions. Accounts may not be recovered again. But you can try appealing for it again. 

2. Low organic traffic = low earnings 

Types of AdSense Ads

  • Text ads

  • Banner ads or Images

  • Flash ads

  • Video ads

  • Audio ads

  • Google custom search engine

    Google also newly introduced the auto ads which let's users choose how to display ads to visitors on their website/blog automatically.



    1. Content Created From Scratch.
    This can include your website, blog, or other original content that complies with our program policies . This is where ads will be displayed so we want to make sure it’s a nice place for everyone.

    2. Phone Number And Postal Address.
    Your phone number and the mailing address associated with your bank account so you can get paid. It’s a must. ZIP code and all.

    3. Websites with about us, contact us,  privacy policy pages and good Search engine Optimization(SEO) to get improved search engine rankings. 


    AdSense is flexible to register in just four steps:

    1. Provide URL of your blog or website 
    Provide the url of the website or blog  you wish to show adsense ads on. 

    2. Provide your Payment Address – Entering your address is important to for payments. Once you reach the payment threshold they need your address to pay you.

    3. Verify your Phone Number – Google needs to verify your phone number too so they are sure you are not a robot. 

    4. Connect your Site to AdSense – Once completing the steps above a code will be provided to enter into the HTML of your website. How the code looks like is in the image below. 

    google AdSense registration

    After following the above steps, wait for AdSense to verify your website, that is one part of ads verification on your website so that AdSense will be able to pay you. 


    Remember you provided a physical address when signing up. A pin from Google will be sent to that address once your payment reaches threshold and threshold is different for each country AdSense accounts. 

    verify AdSense pin

    Verification will be sent to AdSense so you can always process payments with the AdSense account. You can see its very easy to join Google AdSense. So you know how to start Google AdSense and earn as a beginner. Happy earnings! 

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