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With us at Dare TECHY Exchange, we make how to buy and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria easier and faster. Sometimes, you do not need to go to a Bitcoin ATM or just any Bitcoin exchange platform before you can trade all you need is just your Bitcoin wallet.

We buy your cryptocurrencies at very high price and good fees. We can buy your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Perfect Money, Ripple and Bitcoin cash.

You do not thinking it is easier keeping your money in digital platforms or just a platform instead of a bank account where the government has the control over it. Bitcoin is just like the INTERNET GOLD keeping it is a form of investment also, I can explain more about it if you want me to do.

We can also teach and lecture on how do I buy and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria.

You do not need to create account on our website but we can trade and negotiate live with you on WhatsApp, easy that way. We pay instantly via Bank transfer.

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No need being afraid, you can check our trade history on Instagram via @daretechyexchange we are legit and we also have our own physical office.

Best Rates

We buy Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency all for amazing Naira rates and payment is instant into your Nigerian bank account.

Why Trust Us?

We treat customers the best way because we realise we have so many competitors out there and we are just an option. We deliver and pay faster for people who have tried us.

Instant Payments

We pay you without delays upon every transaction confirmations on our trading platform.


We are registered under Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commision with the name ‘DARE TECHY ENTERPRISE’ and RC Number 3113046. We have been trading gift cards and cryptocurrencies and offering amazing services to customers in Nigeria and beyond over a long period of time now.

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